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Eight Food to Detox and Clean Colon

Chinese medicine believes that "constipation" is the key reason to triggering and worsening the disease. Because of the environment and eating habits, living habits and other factors, each person's intestines will have different levels of intestinal toxin accumulation can not be discharged. Therefore, it causes intestinal damage, and it is easy to induce various diseases and form constipation, bad breath, moisture and so on.

The nutrition of the skin comes from blood, but the essence is from the stomach. The bad stomach will greatly affect the appearance of a person. It will appear on the skin with long spots and acne, dark yellow and dull; the body shape is edema and obesity. The abdomen is convenient; the expression of the spirit will appear listless, sleepy and powerless.

This is because the intestinal problems invade the human body, causing internal injuries, causing spleen deficiency, weak lungs, kidney deficiency, and weak stomach; on the outside, it is characterized by dry mouth, bitterness, inflammation of the throat, dizziness, headache, skin flare, and acne on the face. , muscle and joint pain, skin eczema flooding and so on.

Intestinal problems are directly related to human health. In fact, there are actually some simple but effective tricks for gut health care. Eight intestines are good at the intestines, and you will have a healthy intestine.

1.  Brown rice

Brown rice is rich in protein, cellulose (twice the white rice), minerals, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B3, which can effectively improve human immunity, purify blood vessels, promote metabolism and blood circulation, help digestion and clean up the stomach. , to deliver a steady stream of energy to the intestines.

Studies have shown that long-term consumption of brown rice helps to remove waste, and it also balances blood sugar, prevents uric acid and prevents constipation.

If you did not have enough time to make it , our meal replacement powder can be your helper . If you like sweet diet , you can take the meal replacement shakes .

2.  Papaya

The proteolytic enzymes and papain in papaya help break down fat, and the pectin component in papaya also has the function of clearing the stomach. However, papaya should be eaten after 1-2 hours of eating, and eat immediately after eating, which will only increase the burden on the stomach.

3.  Yogurt

In addition to rich calcium, yoghurt can also regulate bacterial balance in the stomach, purify the stomach, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, and reduce gastrointestinal diseases. However, it should be noted that the yogurt drink or the lactic acid drink is a diluted drink, and the effect is not as good as the thicker yogurt.

4.  Spinach

Spinach leaves contain an insulin-like substance that keeps blood sugar stable. Spinach rich in vitamins can prevent vitamin deficiencies such as angular cheilitis and night blindness.

Spinach also contains a large number of antioxidants, which have anti-aging and promote cell proliferation. They can activate brain function, enhance youthful vitality and prevent brain aging.

5. Fungus

Fungus has the effect of tonifying blood and promoting blood circulation and cooling blood. The plant gum in the black fungus has a strong adsorption force, and can excrete impurities remaining in the human digestive system to play the role of clearing the stomach and purifying the intestine.

Black fungus has a dissolving effect on the hard-to-digest chaff, wood residue, sand, metal shavings, etc., and also has a lysis function for gallstones and kidney stones.

6. Kelp

Chinese medicine experts pointed out that kelp is an alkaline food, and the rich iodine can promote the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood. Kelp contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharide, which can remove cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall and keep cholesterol at a normal level.

The alginate in kelp has a high water content and can form a gelatinous substance in the intestine, which helps to remove waste materials, prevents the body from absorbing heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, eliminates radioactive elements in the body, and helps treat arteriosclerosis. It can prevent constipation from happening.

7.  Apple

There is a foreign saying: "An apple a day, the doctor is away from me." Its most obvious effect on health is to promote intestinal excretion - containing galacturonic acid, pectin, to minimize waste in the intestines; soluble cellulose in it effectively increases the discharge capacity of the residue, so that You bid farewell to the "little abdomen" to ensure that the intestinal circulation is working properly.

Apple peel contains a lot of antioxidant active substances, which can reduce the speed of intestinal aging. Therefore, Apple is best to eat with skin!

8. Peanut

Studies have shown that peanuts have a good effect on the strong intestinal tract. This is because peanuts enter the spleen, and have the effect of nourishing the stomach, spleen and smoothing the intestines. Moreover, the unique substances such as phytic acid and phytosterols will increase the toughness of the intestines and increase the ability to resist external infestation.

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