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Is it really good for our health, like the Stars eat health products as food ?

Recently, Hunan Satellite TV variety show "My Daughter" released, and frequently on Weibo hot search, Wu Hao has become a "topic queen" because of the health care products .

As a female artist, the stars have almost reached the point of management of the face and body, so Wu Hao also blew herself from the age of 30 to eat health care products every day.

How embarrassing Wu Hao eats health care products: the red blue gold catches it and keeps plugging it into the mouth, even to the extent that five kinds of health products are swallowed; even at 1 am, she will climb from the bed. Get up with health supplements. Netizens have spit: keep working for the longest night, eat the most expensive health care products.

As an ordinary person, our lives are facing a lot of pressure. Many people have put health care products into necessities for life. In fact, it is a peace of mind, not to mention the cruel entertainment circle. Wu Hao said that she eats health care products because she has a lot of her own anxiety: she is worried about her old age. She will continue to eat health care products and at the same time ensure her health. Such confession also poked the social pain points of countless people.

A well-known fact is that the stars of the entertainment industry are based on this kind of thinking to eat health products as food, especially many female stars. If they never eat enough, they will even eat one meal, but the health products will eat a lot.

But is it really good to eat so many health products? Let's take a look at several health products that female celebrities eat every day:

1, Whitening class

As the saying goes, " whiting skin covers all ugliness", the Chinese seem to be full of obsession with whitening, and do everything at all costs to do everything possible. In addition to a wide range of topical whitening cosmetics, some oral or injectable whitening products are gradually coming into view.

The main ingredients of "Whitening Pills" for oral administration are vitamin C, vitamin B, L-cysteine, etc., all of which are common vitamin amino acids, which may have certain antioxidant effects, but it is not known how to whiten the whole body.

In recent years, the highly sought-after "whitening needle", its main component is tranexamic acid, mainly administered by intravenous drip. Tranexamic acid has a certain effect on the deposition of melanin under ultraviolet irradiation, and is clinically used for the adjuvant treatment of chloasma. However, tranexamic acid causes allergies, embolism, and kidney damage. It is a prescription drug, not a health supplement, and needs to be used by a professional doctor.

Human skin color is determined by genes. Melanin has the function of resisting light damage. The best skin care depends on physical sun protection measures such as sunshade and cap.

2, Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle

Collagen is a commonly used anti-wrinkle health supplement, which is essentially a low-quality protein. Collagen has no effect on non-vegetarians and does not significantly improve skin condition.

The essence of Ejiao ( donkey-hide gelatin ) is also collagen, but it is also a traditional Chinese medicine. It is generally used in combination with other Chinese medicines, but it requires a professional Chinese medicine practitioner to identify the patient's constitution before use. It is not a "health product" that everyone is suitable for.

Anthocyanins, grape seeds, cranberries, etc. are also known to have antioxidant and anti-aging effects, but they have no much effect if take at the daily dose.

3, Liver and liver protection

Consumers of liver-raising health care products are mainly people who stay up late and smoke and drink alcohol. "The liver is connected to the eyes." Protecting the liver has a certain relationship with vision health, but if you only rely on oral health care products, not pay attention to eye hygiene, long-term attention to various electronic screens, even if taking a variety of "eye care tablets" will not help.

When it comes to nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, you can drink Wansongtang liver Protection tea, to soften blood vessels, clear away heat and detoxifying, and sooth the liver and qi are very good choices.

It is in line with the way of human health, taking the nature of herbal drugs, the taste of drinking tea, the two together, complement each other, play a synergistic role of tea borrowing medicine and medicine to help tea.

4, Other vitamin supplements

Multivitamin supplements may require additional supplements in high-intensity exercise, special environmental life, special diets and living conditions, such as calcium tablets for women entering menopause and elderly people with osteoporosis and children with rapid growth. The crowd has a good complement, but the normal diet does not require taking this extra dietary supplement. In addition, if you want to make calcium, the intake of calcium from food is also more easily absorbed by the body, such as milk, soy products, sesame, etc. have a good calcium supplementation.

All in all, although health care products have a great health effect, blind supplementation is not advisable, and taking large doses may also burden the liver and other organs. This is not, Wu Hao also went to the Chinese Medicine Museum to do a physical examination, the results are not so good, the doctor diagnosed Wu Hao has caused some damage to the liver because of frequent health care products. Some netizens also ridicule, Wu Hao are eaten lots of health products, is to forget to eat products related to liver and liver protection.

It is not just a case that Wu Hao's taking health care products as a meal. Eating health care products has become an extremely serious social chaos, which should cause everyone to ponder. Having health and wellness awareness is certainly a thing worth promoting, but health products are not a substitute for food nutrition. We should fully enjoy the fun of food, take all kinds of nutrition from fresh food, and accept the natural aging of the body. Appropriate supplementation of health care products, no dependence on health care products, no superstition, this is a healthy way of health.

I wish you all alive and healthy!


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